With more than three decades of experience as a leading Wall Street strategist AND as a trader Matt Maley has seen it all - and over multiple market cycles.  His experience and expertise covering the trading desks of some of the country’s biggest Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Insurance companies and banks have given him unique insight as to what is really taking place on Wall Street.  Unlike many analysts and most economists, Matt does not care about what the textbooks say  ‘should’ or ‘could’ happen.  Instead, he combines macro, fundamental, and technical analysis with sentiment and positioning issues to create a holistic picture of what is actually affecting  the markets.

Throughout his career, Matt has made many critical calls on both the bullish and bearish side of the ledger at key turning points in the markets.  He has helped investors make money in both directions in the broader stock market, in various sectors, and in individual stocks.  As just a few recent examples of Matt’s market acumen, he correctly called the low in the energy stocks in 2020; the bottom for interest rates in 2021;  and a top in the stock market at the beginning of 2022.  In addition to his macro calls, Matt has made profitable calls on major market groups at pivotal moments including banks, semiconductors, healthcare, and the consumer sector. He has also accurately predicted inflection points  in individual stocks such as Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Chevron, Occidental, and Archer Daniels to name a few.

Many on Wall Street are paid to be bullish.  Matt tells investors like it is.  By doing so, he helps investors maximize their gains with his analysis on the short, medium, and long-term view.  Through bull and bear markets long-term investors and active traders alike benefit from Matt’s analysis on a daily basis.  No wonder he has the ear of some of the highest profile investors on Wall Street.

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