The stock market is finally waking up to the fact that interest rates are rising to new highs and earnings estimates continue to fall....The line of least resistance is definitely lower for stocks.

Table of Contents:

1) A lot has changed in the marketplace over the past month…which means stronger headwinds for stocks.

2)  The market is VERY likely to break below its 2022 lows…probably in a meaningful way.

3)  The charts of 2000-2003 and today are eerily similar.

4)  Updated charts on the S&P 500 and NDX 100.  They’re both at KEY support levels.

5)  The direction of the stock market will determine when the recession begins, not the other way around.

6)  The consumer remains strong, but we’re starting to see some cracks.

7)  Why do so few people realize that crude oil stopped falling several months ago?

8)  The IBB biotech ETF is testing two VERY important support levels.

9)  Bitcoin fails at its key resistance level, but its next big move is still unclear.

10)  Summary of our current stance.

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