I will be traveling next weekend for the Easter holiday.  With the markets closed on Friday, I will be sending out an abbreviated edition of The Weekend Report on Thursday Evening.  Thank you very much.


Table of Contents:

1)  Chairman Powell sure seemed to tell investors that the “Fed put” is still very  much alive and well.

2)  The fundamentals are not improving as much as some are saying, but that might not hold back the stock market.

3)  The broad indices and many key groups are still quite overbought near-term.

4)  Believe it or not, history says that the initial rate cuts by the Fed are usually bearish for the stock market!

5)  Energy stocks, gold & Bitcoin should decline near-term, but we have good levels for where to add to positions.

6)  The Russell 2000 still hasn’t broken out.  Do the regional banks hold the key?

7)  The homebuilders are overbought near-term, BUT they have plenty of upside potential over time.

8)  Potpourri…..The PGA Tour members aren’t as mad at the LIV golfers as they used to be.

9)  China….China’s goals are aggressive…and they haven’t changed.

10)  Summary of our current stance…..Stay (very) nimble my friends!

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