Table of Contents:

1)  The breakout in the tech sector last week was a very bullish development.

2)  The rally is VERY narrow again.  That’s not good longer-term…despite what same will say.

3)  It’s still amazing the way investors are completely ignoring the escalating situation in the Middle East crisis.

4)  There is lots of evidence indicating that a change in trend is taking place for long-term bond yields.

5)  Updating the charts on the major averages.  (Some more upside follow-through is still needed.)

6)  A divergence has developed between WTI crude oil and the energy stocks.

7)  “Recession Risks Continue to Crash.” 

8)  Our call for a bounce in the dollar has worked well, but………

9)  Potpourri….Beware of the Ides of March.

10)  Summary of our current stance. 

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