Renewed liquidity injections have helped buoy the market during the mini-banking crisis.  We question whether this liquidity will continue to flow.  As investors come to fully realize that we're headed for a hard landing, the investment landscape will change.  (The bond market is already telling us this.)

Table of Contents:

1)  The “Fed put” has returned…but for how long?....That is THE key question.

2)  There is a big divergence between the stock market…and the bond market/bank stocks.

3)  If the 10yr yield drops below this level, it will signal a hard landing is imminent.

4)  The chart on the NDX Nasdaq 100 is quite bullish (but we still need to be a bit careful).

5)  Update on the charts for the S&P 500 and Russell 2000.  (Both look good as well.)

6)  There are plenty of signs that the economy will see a hard landing.

7)  We’re still bullish on gold & silver, but silver is overbought near-term.

8)  MSFT is one of several stocks to keep a VERY close eye on going forward.

9)  Potpourri…..Banks, techs, BOJ, HYG, Iowa hoops, The Judge, Masters prediction.

10)  Summary of our current stance.

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