Table of Contents:

1)  Great week last week, but we still need a bit more upside follow-through.

2)  The reaction to the tech earnings has been good, but not quite as good as it might seem.

3)  Long-term bond yields will have to fall further to signal a change in trend.

3a)  If you’re looking for lower bond yields, be careful what you wish for.

4)  The charts on the major indices:  Again, a bit more upside follow-through is needed.

5)  Natural gas (& the related stocks) look poised for a very nice rally.

6)  Are the cracks finally widening in the wall of the consumer?  (Watch Mastercard.)

7)  The healthcare sector is another one that could surprise people to the upside.

8)  Let’s look at what has really taken place this earnings season.

9)  Potpourri

10)  Summary of our current stance. 


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