We just want to take a minute to highlight what our goal was when we wrote point #1 this weekend.  We merely wanted to provide a reasonable argument that says there is more risk in the tech sector (and thus the stock market in general) than there has been for a long time.  This does not mean that the tech sector and the broad market will definitely see a correction soon.  We just believe that the odds are higher than they have been for a while…and that most of Wall Street is not conveying this fact in the way that they should be right now. 


Table of Contents:

1)  Great rally this year, but the risks in the marketplace are a lot higher…not lower…at this point.

2)  Long-term yields are on the cusp of confirming that they’re going to stay high for longer. 

3)  Our call on energy continues to work extremely well…BUT the group is getting overbought near-term.

4)  The Bloomberg Commodity Index is on the cusp of an upside breakout. 

5)  Updating the index charts.  The Russell 2000 keeps frustrating the bulls.

6)  The XLF is overbought…and the KRE is facing renewed problems.

7)  With mortgage rates rising again, keep an eye on the homebuilders.

8)  Potpourri….Which includes charts on gold and Bitcoin.

9)  TikTok….Find out what is really involved with this issue.

10)  Summary of our current stance.

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