Table of Contents:

1)  The “Fed put” returned last spring, but today it’s only a “safety net,” not a guarantee of more “steroids.”

2)  The real issue in the Middle East is Israel’s concern about Iran becoming a nuclear power.

3)  We’ll be watching the XLY…as well as Visa & Matercard…for signs about the strength of the consumer.

4)  Our economist, Paul Shea, believes the rate cuts will begin in May.

5)  Updating the charts on the S&P 500, the NDX 100, and the Russell 2000 (which is underperforming again).

6)  The 200-DMA is key for the US 10yr yield……Also, watch out if/when the yield curve turns positive.

7)  Very nice breakout for the healthcare sector, but it’s getting quite overbought on a short-term basis.

8)  Bitcoin….Sorry, but we HAVE to talk about it (even though you’re probably tired of all the opinions).

9)  Updating the charts on the SMH & XLK…as the tech group is obviously still the clear leadership group.

10)  Looking at Iowa, New Hampshire…and South Carolina.

11)  Summary of our current stance.

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