Table of Contents:

1)  Bond yields are overbought, but there’s no guarantee that lower yields will help the stock market.

2)  The major stock indices NEED strong/sustainable bounces to offset the their recent confirmed changes in trend.

3)  In reality, the reason the tech stocks fell despite good earnings reports is because they were too expensive.

4)  The idea that higher yields are doing the Fed’s job for them is not a bullish development?  Financial conditions are still getting tighter! 

5)  Believe it or not, the XLK tech ETF has not broken its most important support level.

6)  As housing goes, so goes the economy…and there are a lot of warning flags from the housing sector right now.

7)  We don’t want to create any undue concerns, but something is very wrong in the financial sector.

8)  Some well known stocks are reaching the kind of oversold levels that make them attractive on a technical basis.

9)  There’s still way too much complacency surrounding the Middle East, but that’s creating a great opportunity in CVX.

10)  Summary of our current stance……The era of free money is over.


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