Next weekend is a long holiday weekend, so we will not be sending out the “Weekend Report.”   The following weekend is ANOTHER long holiday weekend, BUT we WILL be sending out a piece at that time (New Year’s weekend)…………Thank you…and we hope you all have a great holiday season!


Table of Contents:

1)  It’s amazing how so many people believe that so many issues are “different this time.”

2)  Let’s look at one VERY bullish scenario for the next two weeks for the stock market.

2a)  Let’s also look at a very bullish scenario for the first 4-6 weeks of the new year as well.

3)  Will fiscal spending that is already in place make a soft landing a reality…even though they’re incredibly rare?

4)  The rolling over of debt is still going to be VERY expensive next year. 

5)  European markets are at/near all-time highs…even though their economy is quite weak.  What’s up with that?

6)  The SPX & NDX are getting very overbought.  A short-term pullback might not happen immediately, but it’s coming.

7)  The Russell 2000 is even more overbought (as is the KRE regional bank ETF).

8)  Bond investors should avoid being greedy over the very-short-term. 

9)  Let’s make some fun predictions about the 2024 election season.

10)  Summary of our current stance.


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