One of our bullet points is quite long this weekend, so we’ve combined them into two bullet points.  We try not to be overly wordy with our points each weekend, but this one just needed more space to be fully explained…so we’ve listed them as two points (points 2 & 3).  Thank you.


Table of Contents:

1)  As we’ve been saying for months, if the Fed cuts aggressively in 2024, it be bearish for stocks (think recession).

2&3)  AI will change the world, but liquidity is what is really feeding this market.

4)  We’re seeing some cracks in the high yield market.

5)  Updated charts on the SPX, NDX, and Russell.  Next week should be VERY important for all of them.

6)  The Treasury market has become quite overbought (oversold in terms of yield).

7)  Crude oil is holding its key support level, but it need to bounce further (and soon).

8)  The cryptos look fabulous, but they are getting quite overbought near-term.

9)  Thank God colleges let students be open minded when I was in school.

10)  Summary of our current stance.

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