Every few months, we like to reiterate that we always try to provide comments from BOTH the bullish and bearish side of things every weekend.  However, we also make sure people know where we stand at any given time.  In other words, you will read some things that conflict with one another, but we always try to let you know where we stand by the end of the piece. 

Also, we hope you will all read out comments in points #2 and 2a.  Some of you might completely disagree with the comments we make about the marketplace in those points, but they are all based on more than three decades of experience on Wall Street.  This time will be somewhat different than the past (it always is), but as Mark Twain once said, history usually rhymes.  With this in mind, we hope you will think about these comments with an open mind.  (Reasonable people can disagree, but it’s always worth listening to all sides.)



Table of Contents:

1)  Several broader indices are close to breaking key resistance levels.  (Proof of a broader rally?)

2)  There is DEFINTELY some serious froth in the market.  It doesn’t have to be 1999 to show froth.

2a)  Nobody wants to hear this, but it’s quite unlikely that AI will make things “different this time.”

3)  Don’t be complacent about the tech sector.  (Remember, NVDA fell 20% at one-point last year.)

4)  The energy sector is on the cusp of an EXTREMELY bullish breakout move.

5)  Updating the charts on the S&P 500 and the NDX Nasdaq 100.

6)  We remain longer-term bullish healthcare (& the Biotechs look very compelling right now). 

7)  The Fed still might cut rates this year, but the neutral level is higher than the consensus thinks.

8)  At some point, the regional banks will be a great buy…but not right now.

9)  Bitcoin acts great, but it’s overbought near-term….DO NOT IGNORE GOLD!!!

10)  Summary of our current stance.   


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